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A friend of mine came up to me one day and said that just as much as he loved ‘make the most of life’ he thought the site had so much fluff. He felt the site was lop sided and did not focus or talk about the realities of life. After all, life is not always positive and optimistic. There are probably more negative experiences one goes through in a day than positive. How could I so conveniently disregard practicality was what bothered him? I’m sure like him some of you might have also felt the same. All you find here is either positive, inspirational stories or some good thoughts for the day or some other stuff to help you change your attitude to a more effective and positive one. Why am I not practical and realistic?

For all of you wondering about the same out there, here’s the rationale of why I do and what I do what I do.

Just like our body needs a vacation to recharge so does our mind. When we go on a holiday we choose a location where we get the ‘feel good’ factor. It’s a place away from the daily routine and norm. Similarly our brain needs a getaway everyday. It needs the ‘feel good’ factor to keep it charged.  Make the most is a “top vacation resort” for the mind. It’s designed to recharge your battery with positive energy. It is away from reality so that you can enjoy the holiday and invigorate yourself.

It is also important to understand that our brain is like a computer. Our hard disk (subconscious brain) is filled with a number of pre-loaded programs (our conditioning from childhood/life experiences). Some of these programs are outdated and slow down our functioning. They benefit with regular updates and occasional re-programming. Make the most is like a data base to check on the new available software and to reload new programs. You can always choose to stay with your old ones or use this as a platform to give yourself some positive options.

Just like when you want a healthy body you feed yourself healthy food, when you want a healthy mind you feed it good thought. Thinking does not change reality but thinking opens doors to various ways of dealing more effectively with the reality. Make the most provides good food for your mind to help you open new doors to effectively handle the realities of your life.

Successful people say that the only thing that has helped them reach where they are is their attitude. They have all faced adversity in their life at some point of time or the other. It’s their attitude that has helped them reach the altitude they’re on. ATTITUDE… that is what helps us MAKE THE MOST OF LIFE and that is what ‘’ is all about!

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