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Measuring Stress Levels

May 24, 2010saloni sawnani 23 Comments »

Tweet Stress is a commonly used term but not a well understood one. Most of the times we hear people say things like ‘Oh there maybe problems around but I can cope well. I’m not stressed.’ or ‘Getting married is a happy time, I can’t possible be stressed.’  It’s important to understand that even though […]

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Test how assertive you are…

September 11, 2009saloni sawnani No Comments »

Tweet Instructions: Score 1point for every statement that you agree with. I am quick to say yes to requests before taking the time to consider what the task involves, or the time it may take. I have a difficult time telling family members and friends that they have done something that offends me. Sometimes it […]

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Test Your Level of Self Esteem

August 10, 2009saloni sawnani 17 Comments »

Tweet Self Esteem Test This self esteem test is extremely quick and simple, just answer TRUE or FALSE to each question (make a forced choice based on what is true almost all the time – check below how to score): 1.  Other people are not better off or more fortunate than me 2.  I accept […]

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