Make The Most of Life Academy

At ‘Make The Most of Life Academy’ we believe that the human brain is a sponge all its life. The more nourishment you give it to absorb, the more it helps you perform miracles.

The trick is to use all of it to our advantage and maximize our potential to “Make the most of Life”. So starting age 8 years we help your children realize their dreams and potential.

Our dream…

  •  To help your young ones to dream big and achieve bigger.

Our objective is to help our kids learn….

  •  The power of having a dream.
  •   Use magic mantras for themselves which helps them reach a winning frame of mind.
  •   Use different strategies for learning and academic excellence.
  •   How to feel confident and be a winner.
  •   Overcome their fear of exams and many other student related challenges.

Our methodology…

  •  Learning is effective if it is fun. So we have fun workshops and activities where the kids grow while playing games and enjoying themselves.
  •  We also take on kids on a one to one basis where they have fun with the coach and explore and learn new ideas to grow.

Contents of our workshop:

  •  Brain Gym
  •  Whole Brain Learning
  • Remembering
  • Visual Learning (Power of eyes)
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Mind maps
  •  Accelerated Reading
  •  Visual Reading
  • Key Ideas and key words
  • How to learn Mathematics effectively
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